Should You Invest in Expensive Shoes?

Do you consider expensive shoes an unnecessary expense? Well, maybe not exactly. It is common to find people with well-kept closets that did not cost them much, but when it comes time to buy stylish shoes, then you should expect much more time and money by selecting them. But is it worth it to spend money on quality shoes?

The whole point of buying expensive shoes is a factor of time, shoes of good
quality will certainly last longer than cheap shoes. Imagine
the difference between 80 bucks shoes and 160 bucks shoes, expensive shoes will
definitely take you much longer than cheap shoes.

Likewise, what’s the point of buying a shoe for $ 360 without shine, which looks like buying a discount of $ 80! Buying expensive shoes means that you get more than just shoes, you get a brand name, this often means quality craftsmanship.

Most quality shoes are usually handmade, this creates a big difference between them and mass shoes, because they are carefully sewn, providing quality seams and, finally, guaranteeing a quality finish. Handmade shoes usually have minimal manufacturing defects, excellent overall finish and
durability. Instant parts added to the finish, make an additional element of style, and also contribute to improving durability.

In addition to the quality factor and durability, what is the other reason for
buying expensive shoes? Another reason to invest in good stylish shoes is definitely impressive ladies! There’s no controversy about this, women will evaluate you and form a judgment based on the type of shoes that you wear. You definitely want to make a good and lasting impression on your woman and¬†especially the woman you meet with for the first time.

Wearing exclusive shoes will definitely help to polish your image. This
image can make a big difference between a normal man and a man with expensive shoes at the first stages of dating. In addition, note that shoes of poor quality are particularly noticeable when a man is well-dressed, because he creates a contrast. Women will notice such details as cheap shoes, and therefore it is worth spending additional dollars to buy shoes of higher quality. Not only will women look down, notice shoes and be impressed by them, but they can even see the potential of a person with a good taste for shoes.

Cheap shoes are usually associated with cheap manners, and women usually do not like cheap men. Therefore, when a woman looks at men’s shoes, she will analyze them. If he wears cheap shoes, then she can come to the conclusion that he is a cheap person; not modest, but cheap. It may seem pretty far away, but in fact it is not. Ask a friend, and you will be surprised by her opinion on this matter. Just take this advice and do not lose the pleasure of a hot member of the opposite sex, because you did not want to spend a few extra dollars on quality shoes.

In addition to the money factor, women usually like to meet with exclusive and
classy men. This attraction is partly due to the fact that for years the men did not like their wardrobe. With more freedom for women, they now meet the men they represent, and such men will wear fine shoes. Style
can never be a substitute for personality, but having a great shoe will
certainly give you an edge when it comes to attracting ladies. for the first
date, but this is never an ideal solution.

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