The Most Expensive Handbag

The fashion industry always looks to the past, and some say
it’s because they simply can not bring about new and exciting ideas. What small
interesting ideas are, come from the new gurus of pop culture, which tend to
extravagant and outrageous concepts. To be outrageous is full employment;
paparazzi drool in the mouth, so that the gurus come out in the last bizarre

One way to guarantee the title is to transfer “1001
Nights Diamond Purse”. This is not an ordinary handbag. This is the most
expensive handbag in the world.

In order to collect this item, it took ten designers for
1100 hours of work. In this handbag are encrusted 4 356 colorless, 56 pink and
105 yellow diamonds, which is only 381 carats of precious stones.

An incredible item was created by The House of Mouawad,
which is a jewelry company based in Dubai. This company is not alien to
extravagance. They also created a collection of “fantasy bras” for
Victoria’s Secret in 2003, which were worn in the supermodel’s advertising campaign
and were reportedly worth a huge amount. But what is the price of the most
expensive bag in the world? A staggering 3.8 million dollars.

So which is the most expensive purse in the world? The
question that you are probably asking yourself right now, especially since most
people have never seen or even heard of the creator who created it. According
to the Guinness Book of Records, “1001 Nights Diamond Purse” from the
company Mouawad is certified as the most expensive bag in the world ever
created. He is valued by a huge 3.8 million dollars! As a rule, it is difficult
to find value in more expensive items, because they have a small
“down” in the price, but not this time. The handbag is made of
18-carat gold and is decorated with more than 381 carats of diamonds. In total,
there are 4,517 individual precious stones; 105 of which are yellow diamonds,
56 are pink, and the remaining 4516 are colorless. The shimmering bag took four
months and 1100 hours to complete the work of the ten masters.

The pricing of what is adorned with precious stones is much
more logical than relying on something because of a designer or concept. That’s
where the line between fashion and function can begin to blur. Take, for
example, “Louis Vuitton Raindrop Besace”. For the eyes of the everyday
consumer, they can look very much like a garbage bag and on a prepared eye,
this similarity still exists. The price of a Vuitton garbage bag? $ +1960.

High-end fashion is exclusivity, and Chanel knows it. In
2009, Chanel released a classic bag “Diamond Forever”, in which were
presented 334 diamonds and made of the skin of an alligator. Only 13 of these
bags were released to the public and took your hand, you needed $ 261,000 in a
bank. You will not find them on eBay.

For us, normal women, we want the bag to do everything that
it should have done, and it looked good. The trick is to have a bag hiding the
anarchy going on inside it. Although we can have lipstick, documents, keys and
a cell phone, all entangled inside, this is our business. We want the world to
see one beautiful vision of elegance and fashion walking down the street.
Handbag is your fashion camouflage.

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