Why do Louboutin’s have red bottoms?

Red bottomed shoes are acknowledged as the height of fashion
among fashion alert women all over the world, thanks to the great job done by
the name Christian Louboutin, the original designer of these fashionable shoes.
Even though they are available now in a wide vast of textures, colors, and
styles, they all have the distinctive red bottom that identifies them as a
“Louboutin’s,” or red bottom shoe.
Christian Louboutin established himself in the early 1990’s
to produce a line of fashionable shoes that would help women look amazingly
sexy, with long legs accented by his high heeled creations, thus bringing
stilettos back to high fashion after they had been forgotten for a while. The
red bottom shoes have been such a trademark of Louboutin himself that his
company has even listed a patent on the design so that they can’t be copied by
other fashion designers legally.
Louboutin’s shoe designs have won so very awards in the
fashion industry, even emerging the very top on the LBSI, a rating that is very
respected and is sought after in the fashion industry. Louboutin’s red-soled
shoes, as a matter of fact, rose to the top of the (Luxury Brand Status Index)
“LBSI” for 3 consecutive years in a row, a couple years ago. This had
been quite unheard of in the line of footwear. As a matter of fact, among the various high heels brands, Louboutin
never goes unnoticed, due to its high influence in the world market.
Due to their remarkable reputation, the so-called red sole
shoes have at times become hard to find at local footwear stores that carry
important fashion footwear, even in the largest of towns, and particularly at a
fair price. This has pushed many fashion alert women to look online to find
these elegant shoes and those looking for these shoes at a reasonable price may
have no other choice but to search on the internet for an affordably-priced
Christian Louboutin shoe.
The increase in the styles of shoes with red bottoms also
increases their visibility and ultimately their brand awareness as more people
own them. Few shoes garner the same type of recognition as those shoes with red
bottoms. They are no longer available as only elegant red bottom heels for
evening wear purposes but have also spread over to more casual everyday-wear
designs including pumps, boots, and mules. Besides, the Louboutin shoes cannot
cause any unpleasant feeling on a woman’s legs and feet. Hence, owing to this
exceptional red high-heel sole, the brand has won praises from many female
actresses. It is believed that footwear with red bottoms are Christian
Louboutin! These shoes can lighten a woman’s features of fascination, grace,
and sex appeal.
No matter in informal or formal occasions, Louboutin’s red
shoes make women more attractive than other women. Moreover, the red-bottom
shoes are appropriate to fit all styles of hair and dress. Therefore, the brand
designer thinks his red shoes as a combination of sexuality and beauty, and the
shoes are high enough to make you slim and walk sexily.




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